Born with clubfeet, Jean now can walk and play!

Jean's mother had all but given up hope for her son's ability to walk and play.

Jean with braceJean was born with a severely clubbed right foot, and because his family lives in Bunia, Congo, they had no place to take him for orthopedic treatment. At age two, he couldn’t wear shoes or walk properly, isolating him from other children in the village. But his parents didn’t give up hope, and soon the help they so desperately needed was available.

A local CBM-supported organization brought access to surgeons, rehabilitation, assistive devices and other necessary orthopedic programs to the area and changed Jean’s fate. After receiving treatment known as the Ponseti technique, Jean now can wear proper shoes and run with his friends. His mother says, “We’re so happy to see his legs fixed, and Jean playing games with the other children.”

Jean After

US Aid



Jean was able to receive the help he needed because of project funding supplied to CBM-US through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).


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