Stop River BlindnessDavina leads her grandmother, Therese, around daily with a Fulani stick.
Therese has gone irreversibly blind from river blindness and fears that Davina will suffer the same fate.

Therese Fears Her 3-year-old Granddaughter Will Go Blind...Like Her


Therese lives in fear for her 3-year-old granddaughter, Davina.

She is afraid that Davina will lose her sight from river blindness - like she has.

We must take urgent action to save children like Davina from agony and blindness.

River blindness is a horrible, horrible way to go blind.

Fifty eight-year-old Therese lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She was bitten by a black fly that sent larvae wriggling under her skin. They caused painful, excruciating itching. As the larvae made their way to Therese’s eyes, they destroyed her optic nerve. She is now irreversibly blind. And, she fears for her grandchild.

Unless we take action now, Davina and children like her could be next...

RBThe good news is river blindness is preventable. But there’s even better news.

Your gift today of $36 can be multiplied 7 TIMES, protecting 48 PEOPLE from irreversible blindness.

If we act now, CBM can save Davina’s and other children’s sight.

Merck, a health care company, has offered FREE medicine called Mectizan to kill the small worms that cause irreversible blindness. That means a donation can help CBM deliver medicine to those in need, saving 7 times as many lives. Like Davina’s.

Davina and her grandmother spend almost every day together. But sadly, it’s because Davina leads Therese around with a long, thin stick (called a Fulani stick) to the toilets, the neighbors, or to church on Sunday.

“I was so upset after going blind, I was thinking of killing myself,” Therese says. “But I prayed to God. I didn’t want to lose my faith and my life. I trusted Him. God guides me.”

We pray that God guides you too. That you are led to share $36, $54 or even $105 to help children like Therese’s granddaughter be spared from such a horrific disease.

“I wish and hope that Davina will never turn blind on me,” Therese says.
“I want her to always be healthy.”

Together we can stop the devastating scourge of this disease. With your help, there will be no more parasites. No more blindness. And, no more fear.

May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.
-2 Thessalonians 3:5

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