CBM advocates for those living with disabilities in the poorest of countries. There are 800 million children, women and men living in the developing world with disabilities. These people are often shunned from their communities, neglected, abandoned and forgotten. They don’t have a voice.

How You Can Help

Meet the following individuals from Tanzania, Africa, who are advocating for the rights of people with disabilities to help them obtain access to HIV/AIDS services. Neema and Rehema share their personal stories about being deaf in this developing country, while working to help people with disabilities access needed services.


Voice of Disability

CBM and its partner support the voice for these people with disabilities. We advocate for prevention of disability, equal rights and equal opportunities for people with disabilities and their families in all societies worldwide. We want to change attitudes, policies, positions and actual practices that exclude people with disabilities.

CBM’s advocacy strategy involves

  • TreatmentCreating awareness – CBM works to raise awareness about disability with governments, donor agencies and other non-governmental organizations, advocating that the fight against poverty has to include people with disabilities. CBM also tries to create understanding about the barriers faced by people with disabilities living in the poorest of communities.

  • Sharing Knowledge – CBM shares its expertise with other partners and agencies through publications, workshops and training programs.

  • Networking – CBM works with like-minded organizations to put disability on the international agenda. One example is the International Disability and Development Consortium, a group of 19 Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) and development organizations committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the developing world. CBM also is an active member of InterAction and the Berlin Civil Society Center, and is a founding member of “Vision 2020: The Right to Sight.
    CBM cooperates with other organizations such as Concord Europe, The United Nations, One World, Disabled People International and Disability Awareness in Action.

  • Partnerships – CBM strives to support our field partners in their advocacy work within their own communities and governments.

How your donations help