Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world, with more than one million people going blind from cataracts each year. Of this cataract-blinded population, 85% live in the developing world.

cataractCataracts produce devastating economic and quality of life effects on people who are already living in extreme poverty. These people who already live on the edge of survival now have to additionally contend with loss of ability to support themselves and their families, loss of education, and lack of acceptance into their communities. Not to mention that their chances of physical survival spiral drastically. In the developing world, more than half the children who go blind will die within two years.

In addition, when an adult goes blind in a developing country, children are often removed from school to help lead the blind adult around, care for them and help provide for the family

CBM Helps

CBM helps by providing prevention and treatment for cataracts. Almost 80 percent of blindness in the developing world is preventable, avoidable and treatable. With a 15-minute procedure that costs only $35 for an adult and $200 for a child (because anesthesia and a hospital stay is required), sight and quality of life -- can be restored.

CBM has provided more than 12 million children, women and men with eyesight through cataract surgeries, an accomplishment unprecedented by any other organization in the world.

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