Please help us prevent childhood blindness!

There are many reasons children go blind in the world’s poorest countries. Lack of Vitamin A, cataracts, and river blindness are among some of the main causes. Many children also live with extremely low vision…unable to see to walk, read, go to school, or help with household chores. This is sad news.

But, you can help prevent children from going blind for pennies a day!

Hadiya Eye Hurts

Today, the World Health Organization includes Vitamin A distribution in its plan to combat childhood diseases. And, vitamins are given to children through local public health programs. Because of these ongoing successful efforts, river blindness and cataracts now are causing more children to go blind than lack of Vitamin A.

You can help us CHANGE this and give children their eyesight back!

Here’s what your spare change can do:

  • 75 cents gives a dose of medicine, called Mectizan, to a child so he won’t go blind from river blindness
  • 55 cents a day for a year can give a child a cataract surgery and the ability to see again
  • 10 cents a day for a year can provide a pair of special high-powered glasses to a child with low vision so he can read, write and go to school again!

That’s all it takes to help children see!

Get started easily and quickly now:

  1. Download the label to cut out and attach to a box, can or jar to begin your collection efforts. Share the labels with family, friends, church members and groups…anyone who wants to help!
  2. As your boxes fill, please send the amount as a check payable to CBM (Christian Blind Mission) at: 1775 Eye Street NW, Suite 1150 | Washington, DC 20006. Or make your donation online.

Thank you so much for your generosity. Please keep these children in your prayers as well. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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