Clubfoot is one of the most common congenital deformities worldwide, affecting 1 in every 1,000 children. Clubfoot is a condition where a child is born with either one or both feet turned inward and pointing down. Often, this causes walking to be painful, or the child cannot walk at all.

Clubfoot In the developing world, these children are left behind as others are able to run and play. Often these children don’t attend school because they are not able to physically get themselves there.

CBM Helps

CBM provides two types of treatment for clubfoot. The first is called the Ponseti method. With the Ponseti method, a child can receive a series of plaster casts, special shoes and splints that slowly guide his or her feet into their proper position. This method includes a small incision to loosen the foot’s tendon before the final cast is applied. The cut is so small, however, that no stitches are required.

If the foot is too rigid, the tight or shortened tendons may need to be lengthened or released through surgery. Casts are applied after surgery.

In addition, fitted shoe splints and orthopedic shoes are important to maintain the correction.

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