Hydrocephalus is an abnormal build-up of the brain’s normal water-like fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) that is most often present at birth. Children with hydrocephalus often have larger craniums. If left untreated, it can cause intense pain and eventually death.

hydrocephalus In the developing world, caring for a child with hydrocephalus can be a frightening event that leaves the mother with feelings of hopelessness. Often the mother watches helplessly as her baby’s head swells, pain increases and the child becomes less able to move. As many as 75% of children with hydrocephalus have some kind of motor disability.

CBM Helps

CBM uses a network of community health workers who are familiar with a country’s rural communities to help find these children who are often hidden. If found and treated early, an overwhelming majority of newborns with hydrocephalus can have normal life spans and intelligence.

Treatment for children with hydrocephalus includes surgically implanting shunts. Shunts are small tubes with valves that are placed beneath the surface of the skin to help drain the excessive fluid on the brain into another part of the body. CBM provides follow up rehabilitation as well.

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