Mental Impairments

Mental impairment refers to children and adults who have serious limitations in adjusting to their social environments. Those affected with mental impairments are not only more numerous in developing countries, but they face harsher consequences.

mental impairment People who suffer mental impairments in developing countries are usually punished. The family and community often will shun these people, hiding them away and leaving them in deplorable conditions. These children and adults cannot attend normal schools and usually are unable to attain jobs.

CBM Helps

CBM helps thousands of mentally impaired individuals each year through integrated education programs, rehabilitation centers, resource centers and livelihood programs.

Prevention programs include distribution of iodized salt to prevent Iodine deficiency-induced impairment. Similarly, program partners work to educate expectant mothers on the risks of alcohol and smoking. In hospitals, CBM promotes better monitoring of births and oxygen supplies for newborns.

Rehabilitation efforts for the mentally impaired include community-based early detection and intervention programs, education, and occupational skills and training.

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