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Fred's Journey to a smile
Fred was born with a cleft lip and palate. He was unable to breastfeed because he couldn't close his lips, so the milk would go back up his nose and he would be unable to swallow. Though they could barely afford it, Fred's mother Sissy gave the boy cow's milk in the world's poorest countries, many mothers sit for hours dripping milk into their children's mouths and mashed his bananas, all in an effort to keep him alive for another day. Every time Fred ate or drank, the food and liquids seeped through the hole in the roof of his mouth and down the side of his face.

Making a Global Footprint
Thanks to strong donor support last year, CBM served millions of children, women and men with disabilities in the world's poorest countries.

A Closer Look: CBM's Work in 2012
Impact Report

Born with clubfeet, Jean now can walk and play!
Jean's mother had all but given up hope for her son's ability to walk and play.


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