Obstetric Fistula

Obstetric fistula often is caused by prolonged childbirth where the unborn baby’s head compresses the soft tissues of the pelvis against the pelvis bone. When this occurs, the lack of blood flow causes cell and tissue between the bladder and vagina to die, causing tearing or holes that causes incontinence.

Obstetric Fistula When this occurs in women in developing countries, it is often a double burden. Usually, the woman’s child has died in labor. And, while suffering the grief of her newborn, she now has to contend with urinary and sometime fecal incontinence. In severe cases, nerves may become damaged, leaving a woman at risk of paralysis from the waist down.

CBM Helps

CBM supports projects throughout the developing world, including those in the Democratic Republic of Congo that provide essential surgical treatment and rehabilitation for women who have fistula. CBM also provides counseling for those who experience trauma, have been raped, or whose babies have died during birth.

Community Health Workers are key to our work. They locate and refer women with the condition and remain active in their rehabilitation and integration back into their communities.

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