Trachoma is an aggressive, blinding and incredibly painful eye disease. Trachoma runs rampant in dusty regions, and thrives in environments where basic hygiene routines are lacking, often due to the scarcity of water. The World Health Organization estimates that trachoma affects more than 21 million people of whom about 1.2 million are blind and 2.2 million are visually impaired.

Trachoma Trachoma is caused by bacteria that live in pools of dirty, muddy water, or in clumps of animal waste. It usually infects children first, and can be spread easily when contact is made with eye, nose or throat discharge. It also is spread by flies that become attracted to the discharge.

Left untreated, the eyelid will turn under, scarring the cornea with every blink. The damage is exceptionally painful and after a while, the eyes become so badly damaged, that blindness is inevitable and irreversible.

CBM Helps

CBM has implemented the SAFE Program to stop the spread of trachoma by equipping high-risk communities to take action against it at the community and family level. SAFE represents: Surgery, Antibiotics, Face Washing, and Environmental Improvement.

CBM and its project partners offer education and training to communities to teach them how to avoid the infection. And we distribute antibiotics to help treat this disease. In addition, we provide eyelid rotation surgery, which helps to turn the scratching eyelashes outward.

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