Prayer for Week of December 4th:

Please pray for CBM staff and partner colleagues all over the world.
Many are preparing for Christmas in challenging circumstances.
Some will be celebrating far from their home communities.
I thank God for the privilege of serving
with this body of sisters and brothers.

Prayer for Week of December 11th:

Pray for the people CBM serves,
that those of us who serve will
open our hearts and minds
to truly hear what they ask of us.

Prayer for Week of December 18th:

As we make final preparations for the celebration of Christ’s birth,
I ask you to lift my mother in your prayers.
My mother, blessed with a full and meaningful life of
service and joy in the Lord,
was diagnosed over a year ago with AML.
We may not have her in our physical lives this Christmas,
please pray for her journey into the Peaceful Kingdom of God.

Prayer for Week of December 25th:

As we celebrate the birth of the Christ child,
pray for the manifestation of the promise of His birth in
our lives and over the earth.
Particularly, hold up those who have been left
in the cold by humankind.
May there be peace on earth.

- Karen Heinicke-Motsch, United States
Karen Heinicke-Motsch Karen Heinicke-Motsch,
United States

Karen is International Programs Director at CBMUS and is CBM’s Senior Global Adviser on Community Based Rehabilitation. Karen has been with CBM since 1987 and knows and loves its mission. Karen is married to Thomas and has two grown children. Karen feels incredibly blessed both in her private life and in the opportunity to serve with CBM.

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At CBM, we believe that prayers are a powerful force in our work around the world and contribute to the miracles we see every day – miracles of sight, hearing, walking and freedom from oppressive disability and poverty.

We ask that you pray regularly for our staff, partners and co-workers who are in the field. It is so critically important to us, as these people give their hearts and hands to serve those living with disabilities and trapped in poverty. And, they often do so by working in less than desirable conditions.

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