No more teasing for Gufran
A simple, 20-minute surgery changed his life

A few months after Gufran was born in Nepal, his mother, Hushnara, noticed a white mark in the boy’s eyes. Five years later, the white mark became so big that the boy could barely perceive light.


I’m a poor, daily wage laborer. I thought eye surgery would cost a lot of money. So, I couldn’t take him to an eye clinic,” admits his father Iqbal, his eyes filled with tears.

While the other children go to a public school nearby, Gufran mostly stayed home. Asked how the neighbors treated Gufran, Iqbal says, “Children in the neighborhood tease my son all the time. They call him ‘blind’ and ‘useless’. It hurts me a lot.”

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Fortunately, CBM’s partner Biratnagar Eye Hospital (BEH), in eastern Nepal, is well-known by many people in Iqbal’s village. At the hospital, the ophthalmologist diagnosed Gufran with cataracts in both eyes, and said he needed surgery immediately, or else it would be too late.

After administering anesthesia to the five-year old, it took a CBM physician only 15 minutes to perform the cataract surgery. A nurse put a patch over Gufran’s operated eye, and slowly rolled him out of the operating room on a stretcher.

The next morning, Gufran was jumping and playing in his father’s lap, his left eye covered with a green patch. After receiving a post-surgery evaluation, Gufran was ready to leave the hospital and happily wearing a pair of new eyeglasses.

While he still needs a second surgery, his father is grateful for CBM’s intervention.

Before going home, Iqbal briefly brings his son near a vision chart where Gufran recognizes the black dots. “Today, I’m just so happy he is finally able to see something…,” says Iqbal, hugging his son, as tears roll down his face.

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