Ezekiel gives his grandson Kuda a ride in his new wheelchair at his home in a food-insecure area of Zimbabwe.

The CBM Strategy 2030: Maximising Impact. Improving More Lives.

The CBM Strategy 2030 came into effect in January 2023 after being developed by the Leadership Team and approved by the Supervisory Board. This is a milestone for our organisation that will guide our work between 2023 and 2030 and provide stability and progress even in times of uncertainty.

The new strategy builds on existing capabilities and priority areas and expands them with a systematic approach to move one step closer to achieving an inclusive world. Overall, the CBM Strategy 2030 is an evolution rather than a revolution. It contains many elements of continuity. The core of CBM, its brand identity, vision and mission, as well as most other successful areas of work in Inclusive Eye Health (IEH) and Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID), remain untouched. At the same time, we will expand our activities in existing areas of work, namely Inclusive Humanitarian Action (IHA), Community Support Services and Systems (CSS) and Institutional Fundraising.

With this approach, CBM aims to maximise impact for persons with disabilities in the Global South so that they can enjoy their human rights and realise their full potential.

Our Strategy

What Drives Our Strategy?

The world is facing uncertainties: Geopolitical instability, natural disasters, climate crises, the threat of a declining economy and rising inflation, to name a few. CBM is aware that persons with disabilities suffer the most in times like these and therefore they urgently need help. CBM's strategy is driven by stark facts:

  • More than one billion people in the world have a disability.
  • 80% of persons with disabilities live in developing countries.
  • There is a vicious cycle of disability and poverty
  • An estimated 20 million persons with disabilities are currently affected by humanitarian crises

CBM must take these challenges into account and adapt new approaches accordingly. This is the only way we can continue our successful work to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities.

Boy using a telescope to see

Focused Approaches, Maximum Impact

The Strategy 2030 is designed to lead into CBM’s vision of an inclusive world even better.

To learn more download our Strategy One-Pager