Ipyana (8yrs) has always been teased by children in the neighbourhood because he cannot see.

Inclusive Eye Health

CBM has worked in eye health for more than 50 years. The work of the Inclusive Eye Health (IEH) Initiative Team at CBM also includes programmes to tackle Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDS) since some of these can lead to eye conditions, including blindness. Our aim is to ensure that everyone has access to effective eye care and that those permanently affected by vision impairments get the support and opportunities they need.

There are large numbers of people in the poorest areas of the world who still do not have access to even the most basic eye health services. People with disabilities or those who live in remote areas are often left behind. The need is great, and it is growing. The World Report on Vision reveals the extent of the problem and the challenges faced by those working in the eye care sector.

Neglected Tropical Diseases have the greatest impact on hidden communities living in poverty and in conflict zones. The most affected include children, women and people with disabilities living in poor conditions, with limited access to sanitation, safe water and health care. The NTD Roadmap lays out the goals and milestones for the way ahead.

All the work of the Initiative, in collaboration with our partners, focuses on creating inclusive, sustainable and locally owned, eye health and NTD services.

The Inclusive Eye Health Initiative at CBM is currently working in 50 countries on over 300 projects - helping to support eye surgery, conducting drug campaigns against NTDs, training medical staff and community volunteers, performing eye screenings, participating in educational ventures and using new technology to improve our reach and understanding. We also work to support our local partners to establish good referral networks so that patients have easier access to services.

Our work is aligned with global frameworks -

  1. The Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health: vision beyond 2020
  2. The UN Resolution

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CBM Eye Health Report 2021

CBM NTD Report 2021