CBM emergency intervention camps


With over one hundred years of experience working alongside people with disabilities in poor communities, we strive to remove the barriers that marginalise people with disabilities in the most disadvantaged societies in the world. We do this by working with partner organisations, influencing policy at all levels and responding to emergencies and natural disasters.

To deliver our goals, we focus on two key areas we call Initiatives - Inclusive Eye Health, and Community Based Inclusive Development. Additionally, through our work by the Humanitarian Action team, we also strive to reach people with disabilities during disasters and emergencies.

  1. Ipyana (8yrs) has always been teased by children in the neighbourhood because he cannot see.

    Inclusive Eye Health

    CBM has worked in eye health for more than 50 years. The work of the Inclusive Eye Health (IEH) Initiative Team at CBM also includes programmes to tackle Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDS) since some of these can lead to eye conditions, including blindness. Our aim is to ensure that everyone has access to effective eye care and that those permanently affected by vision impairments get the support and opportunities they need.

  2. Seeds being checked before distribution - disability-inclusive response to 2016 Ethiopia food crisis

    Inclusive Humanitarian Action

    The barriers persons with disabilities face are greatly amplified during conflict and disaster. CBM works with partners to implement disability-inclusive humanitarian responses to support those affected by humanitarian crises and to positively influence the work of the wider humanitarian community.