Easy to Read

What is CBM?

CBM is an organisation. We work to make the life of people with disabilities better. We only work in countries where the people are poor. We are Christian. That means, we want to follow the teachings of Jesus. 

CBM is more than 100 years old. We have a lot of experience and knowledge. 

The Problem

Some people have a disability because they are poor. For example, they cannot pay for the hospital. Some people are poor because they have a disability. For example, they cannot find a job. 

Sometimes, people with disabilities are not treated fairly. 

What we want

People with disabilities should have the same rights to be included in society as anybody else. People with disabilities are to be respected for who they are. Everyone should have equal opportunities. 

To achieve this, we work together with other organisations as our partners. 

What we do

In 2018, CBM  

  • was active in 55 countries,  

  • supported 525 projects, 

  • worked with 371 partner organisations, and 

  • reached 11.95 million people through core activities.