CBM to Promote Disability Inclusion at World Assembly of Churches

Two men are walking towards a church

St. Thomas Church in Thattupara, Manjapra, in India

CBM will showcase biblical and theological concepts that shape our understanding of inclusion and disability which motivate us to act for persons with disabilities.

The 11th Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC) is happening in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 31 August to 8 September 2022. CBM is strongly involved in this historic Assembly where we will promote the participation and inclusion of all people - including persons with disabilities - in development work.

For the first time in the 74-year history of the Assembly, the WCC is taking place in Germany and will attract an estimated 4,500 delegates who hold high positions in their churches. The delegates represent 580 million Christians from 352 churches in 120 countries.

Simple tools like this that have helped CBM become more inclusive will be on display at the Assembly.

Fortunately for you, our Church Communications team will be displaying these CBM tools, including videos, images, texts and brochures on theology and inclusion, at the CBM booth at the Brunnen Fair in Karlsruhe.

CBM has published two sermons on Luke 18:1-8 that you can use to support your church ministry. One is by a German pastor and the other by a Kenyan pastor who is blind. So you have two contextual texts on the same biblical story that can support your own teachings and perspectives.

CBM invites you to visit our booth and chat with our team. You will receive these free materials (digital or printed) to teach your congregation about inclusion and participation. We ask you to read the material and give us feedback on it.

Side Events

CBM is also part of two EDAN (Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network) workshops:

  • "Stories of Resilience during COVID -19" on 01.09.2022 at 5 pm

Here we will talk about our strategies during the COVID crisis and how we worked with churches. The situation of persons with disabilities during the crisis and what lessons were learned.

  • "Theology of Disability as Liberation Theology" on 02.09.2022 at 5 pm

Here we explore our approach to a theology of inclusion using examples from our projects. We invite everyone to share their perspective on theological and biblical concepts that help to understand disability and interpret inclusion theologically.

  • At the Friedrichsplatz in the centre of Karlsruhe

You will find the CBM E-Mobile with the exhibition "3 minutes of being blind". In this exhibition truck, you can experience how to manoeuvre a walkway without eyesight. Meet our staff there and feel for yourself what it means to be blind.