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CBM partners with USAID to Promote Inclusive Development Globally

An image showing two young African children on a sunny dirt road surrounded by trees. The child in the foreground is pushing a wheelchair where the other child is seated, waving and smiling at the camera. Both are wearing school uniforms, with the child in the wheelchair in a blue dress and the one pushing in a teal shirt.

Eight-year-old Sherifa, who lives with cerebral palsy, with a friend on their way home from school in Lilongwe District, Malawi.

Learn more about CBM's central role in USAID's Inclusive Development and Equitable Assistance (IDEA) programme, a global initiative to empower marginalised communities.

CBM has been selected as part of a consortium led by the Education Development Centre to promote inclusive development and localisation around the world as part of USAID’s new five-year, global programme “Inclusive Development and Equitable Assistance (IDEA)”.

The programme is intended to reinforce the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) programming and inclusive development, by strengthening the capacity of local organizations headed by or representing marginalized and underrepresented groups and/or people in vulnerable situations as they advance their own development goals.

Other members of the consortium include Root Change, WI-HER, CLEAR Global, Minority Rights Group International, Global Changemakers, HelpAge International, ILGA World, the International Rescue Committee, Keystone Human Services International, and the World Institute on Disability

Michael Schwinger, Technical Advisory Lead, Community Based Inclusive Development at CBM said: “Being part of this consortium is a great opportunity for CBM to further promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities through an intersectional approach. Working alongside likeminded NGOs, organisations of persons with disabilities and USAID – one of the leading government agencies in the field of international cooperation – opens new opportunities to learn from each other and share our knowledge and expertise with our partners.”

Teacher Mary Zuwe observes Sherifa's work in her Standard 1 class in Lilongwe District, Malawi, demonstrating dedicated support and inclusive teaching in her classroom.


CBM will work with the Education Development Centre, consortium partners and USAID missions worldwide to implement the following activities:

  • Mapping diverse groups representing marginalised and underrepresented populations in the regions and countries where USAID operates to understand their needs and priorities.
  • Supporting these groups to develop regional and sub-regional communities of practise.
  • Working with the IDEA Hub and a range of stakeholders to better understand and support the inclusive development ecosystem in the regions where USAID operates.
  • Analysing barriers and opportunities for marginalised and underrepresented groups in the context of international development in general and USAID's development support in particular.
  • Issuing small grants for organisational strengthening and technical assistance to groups that support marginalised and underrepresented populations.
  • Facilitating calls for proposals for the development of accessible tools, knowledge products, professional development, and stakeholder engagement opportunities related to inclusive development.
  • Supporting platforms for the exchange of new evidence and promising practises in the field of inclusive development.

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