Launch of Neglected Tropical Diseases Report 2021

An Ugandan man leads an older Ugandan woman by the hand to a room. One of her eye has a bandage over it.

Ophthalmic assistant James Mukambwe leads trachoma patient Babiwemba Tapenesi to the recovery room after a successful operation at an outreach camp in her village Namutumba, Uganda.
© CBM/Trenchard

CBM's annual report on our work to tackle Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) has just been launched during this year’s NTD NGO Conference.

About the NTD Report 2021

Titled 'Resilience: Stories of Collaboration and Progress', the report focuses on the very real impact that CBM has made in the last year, despite the challenges of COVID-19, to carry on its battle against NTDs and to ensure greater sustainability and autonomy in the countries in which we work.  

CBM NTD Report 2021

This photo shows a Ugandan man inspecting an old Ugandan woman's eyes in a field.

Know more about how CBM has been tackling NTDs the past year.

Download the Report here

In the period from 2018 to 2020, CBM NTD programmes have treated 96 million people against NTDs and performed 74,000 trachoma operations, but perhaps just as importantly when it comes to fulfilling our goals of integration and sustainability, we have also trained 971,000 people across all NTDs and 26 million people have participated in health promotion and education. 

The report highlights our efforts to align with the WHO NTD Road Map in an interview with Girija Sanker, Head of NTDs at CBM. It tells the story of how we are reaching remote communities in DRC that can only be accessed by river, and how we have managed to support treatment campaigns in South Sudan in populations that have never benefited from such interventions before. There are also pieces about a simple way to diagnose eye conditions in Pakistan and an account of CBM’s endeavours in Nigeria to ensure that no one, even those displaced by conflict, is left behind.